III_CAD - photogrammetry

I like to use Fusion360.

Fusion is great if you get it for free and technically if you’re a CNC shop or sign maker it’s at a fair price, but for hobbyists it’s no longer a viable software. Since I can get the educator license I’m all good for the time being, though I hope something similar shows up some day, but I doubt anything will be as versatile.

For this test I wanted to see about importing models from Polycam, it’s a cheap photogrammetry/LIDAR scanner app for iOS.

I don’t have LIDAR on my phone but I find that the photogrammetry works way better anyway, so I just snapped a hundred or so pictures of this TV stand. Sure I could just measure it but I’m really bad with precision, so if I can use a computer or machine to do it for me I’m game. Polycam is super easy to use so I won’t detail it here. The UI is pretty self explanatory and there is a tutorial in the app. After taking the photos it automagically uploads everything somewhere on the cloud where I think google servers do the photogrammetry. It’s very fast and the time consuming part is just uploading the images. You get back a model you can look at, add these measurement lines like I did, and upload the model online, or send it to yourself.

https://modelviewer.dev/ Made possile with three.js model-viewer working. https://modelviewer.dev/ <- this is the site

<!-- Import the component -->
<script type="module" src="https://unpkg.com/@google/model-viewer/dist/model-viewer.min.js"></script>

<!-- Use it like any other HTML element -->
<model-viewer alt="tv stand polycammodel in glb format" src="tvstand2.glb" ar ar-modes="webxr scene-viewer quick-look" seamless-poster shadow-intensity="1" camera-controls style="width:70%;height:600px;">

So here’s what the tv stand looks like with textures and some dimensions that I added with Polycam. Here’s just the mesh. It’s a bit of a mess but the proportions, general shape and angles are all I want.

Because of the way I rought sketeched it there were lots of strange features which I spent some time cleaning up, but hopefully less than doing everything perfectly. Quick and dirty doesn’t always look nice but if it works…


Your browser does not support video.

Your browser does not support video.


so I made a new shortcode that allows for inserting RAW html. Actually I’m confused because I don’t think this should work either. But apparently it does.

Workflow for video:

  • record video with OBS
    • crop it to the important area
  • import the video to adobe rush
    • make edits and add audio
  • use handbrake to compress it even further and get the webm format, seems easier.

With handbrake I compressed the file to make it smaller, and webm format